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Dress: Forever21 | Belt: Singapore | Flipflops: Havaianas | Bag: Nine West | Fedora Hat: Cotton On | Necklace: Wink Clothing

My pre-med friends finally came here to Vigan to Visit the town and ofcourse me. haha. We’ve been planning this trip eversince college but we were all basically minors then who can’t afford a parental consent for such a far trip(but I still am, since I’m still studying). 

It’s pretty crazy that we haven’t changed that much since we parted exactly a year ago. We’re still crazy, naughty and noisy together. I missed them, I missed college and I miss my laidback life.

I always find it enjoyable to tour my own town especially when I’m with visitors, Tourist lang ang peg! haha. I’ll never get tired of my town really. There’s too much to love about Vigan and that actually worries me in the moment since I’m about to leave home in days time to get back to my toxic metro life. And I love the fact that I’m a probinsyana. For me, it is actually an edge since I get the best of both worlds. I can have peace of mind when I want and I can be soberly crazy.

And as for my outfit, I decided to wear something comfy yet chic! =) Which explains, the flipflops. And it was extremely hot that day that a piece of cover-up can’t be added to my bustier mini dress. 

Tour Day 2 to follow! =)

-wink! ;)

Playa Tropical

Maxi Jumpsuit: Forever21 | Belt: my mom’s | Polka Dot Flats: Ichigo | Bag: Celine | Floppy Hat: Heritage Vigan

Twisted Bandeau Bikini: Wink Clothing | Yellow Blazer: Greenhills

Dress: Wink Clothing | Flats: Forever21 | Bag: Guess | Fedora Hat: Cotton On

Raw and Unedited Pics. Taken by Erika Rabara

Sorry for the lack of update. I’ve been too busy maximizing the remaining days of summer. And by that, I mean finally going to the Beach! I know, it’s almost the rainy season but better late than never.

As much as I want to elaborate about this place I’d rather keep this blog fashion-related than personal. Let’s just say this was once part of my paradise. 

Anyhow, I wore these outfits to this beautiful place. Summery, laidback and sophistication all blended in one. A piece that I could move, enjoy, breath and live again. Yes, live again, some sort of rebirth. I hope I’m a better person now, recollected in this paradise. 

-Wink ;)


Out takes from the 1st Collection of Wink: 1st outfit. Visit the shop here

Visit WINK CLOTHING for more! =)

Day to Night


Tank Top: My Sister's | Shorts and Blazer: Greenhills | Shoes and Necklace: Wink Clothing | Bag: Celine


Skirt: Thrifted | Wedge: Wink Clothing

A simple transition from laidback Day to Night outfit. I wore the day outfit while doing errands and designing my shop. Shifted to more lady-like outfit by sunset for my grandma’s 81st birthday at Hotel Salcedo. I love how my thrifted chiffon skirt made the wonders and how it pleasantly mixed with my vibrant yellow blazer. So basically, the skirt and the buttoned blazer made it more night-appropriate.

P.S. Mark your calendars for wink’s first collection; May 24, 2012, 8pm. =)

-wink! ;)


I’ve noticed I haven’t been updating that much as I originally wanted to maximize my summer vacation but I’ve been too busy these past few days organizing stuffs for my boutique. Speaking of, please watch out for wink's first online catalogue this coming May 24 at 8pm.

And I’ve noticed that I’ve been blabbing about Wink too much in my previous entries but I haven’t formally launced it by making a blog post. So here, please do support my shop via liking it at facebook and/or by visiting it at The ARC, Rizal st., corner Salcedo st., Vigan City.

Will host a blog giveaway soon for Wink =)

In Full Bloom

I’m in the mood for some spring photos, quite literally! =) 

Just before I fell inlove with portraiture photography and fashion my frustration for photography blossomed. Photography in the sense of landscape, nature, sunsets and everything in between that nature and my lens could deliver and my eye would perceive as something pleasing enough to capture. 

This summer due to some projects and stuffs I’m making for my clothing line, Wink. I’m always visiting our resthouse in a nearby town of Vigan. Being here makes me closer to nature and provincial life once more, just like my childhood days. And this place is like a paradise, full of photogenic landscapes and pleasing things that only nature can provide. Pretty peaceful from the urban school days I have.

Again, I’m no professional in photography but I must say I miss doing stuff like these! far from the self-absorbed Outfit Posts I have. Haha. =)

-Wink! ;)


Dress, belt and Vest from my Sister’s Closet | Bag, Heels, and Headband: Wink Clothing 

The reason why my title is Mademoiselle is because I practically snagged everything that I’m wearing from my sister’s closet. One of my biggest dilemma when I’m home is not having my whole closet to bring home with me. Hence I raid my mom’s and sister’s closet. This dress is just so perfect for my summer-vibe-clothing-madness.

Speaking of my sister, please do join her blog giveaway for wink clothing! will be hosting a blog giveaway as well, watch out for that =)

-wink ;)

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